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About Anabec



 Anabec is a manufacturer and distributor of premium cleaning chemicals. We bring to market a concise, sensible suite of cleaning chemicals that are tailored to fit many applications. We have always believed in the “less is best” practice regarding the application of chemicals to surfaces, and our product lineup reflects that philosophy.  

Advanced Cleaning System


 In 1993, Mr. Steve Meyers developed and subsequently patented the Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution. This product has proven to be the premier non-toxic microbial cleaner in the industry and forms the cornerstone for the Anabec Product Systems. 



With the application of Anabec Advanced Cleaning System and then encapsulation of unfinished wood/block surfaces, Anabec offers a warranty of 30 YEARS in crawl spaces and other unfinished areas of your home.

New Build 50


How would you like to offer new customers a 50 YEAR warranty against mold on unfinished and structural surfaces?  This is an unprecedented warranty in construction and is fully transferable.

Systems Stain Remover


 Most home inspectors are simply looking for mold staining.  Mold stains can be difficult to remove, to say the least.  Anabec Systems Stain Remover can greatly reduce all the mold staining on the unfinished areas of your home, from attic to crawl space. 



 Anabec’s Anasphere Plus offers the best science the world has to offer. Anasphere Plus is effective against most pathogens currently affecting the world. It is an EPA registered disinfectant and has over 140 kill claims.  Used on finished areas of your home along with ACS, it offers a warranty of up to 15 years!