Mold Remediation

MOLD is one of the real red flag words in home buying. Mold anywhere in your home can be a health hazard, we can take care of it.Don't let a mold issue interfere with your life, contact us now for mold removal and mold remediation.


Fire Damage Mitigation

We know the implications of fire damage. When fire ravages your home and your life, Home Services can work with you and your insurance company to start putting the pieces back together again.


Crawl Space Repair

From drain systems to sump pumps to complete air blocking and encapsulation, Home Services can deal with almost all your crawl space repair needs.


Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

As the construction industry and county regulations move towards controlled environments in crawl spaces, our partnership with Santa Fe puts us at the forefront of what existing homes need...Dehumidification. Having a dehumidifier will make your home less susceptible to dust mites, mold, and mildew. 


Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage in your home can be devastating. Home Services has water restoration knowledge and the equipment to get you home back to normal.



As a former Realtor, I have a unique understanding of what it takes to get a home on the market and to settlement.  We are MHIC licensed and can handle a great deal of pre-list and pre-settlement repairs reasonably and quickly.